Since we launched our Countdown 2 Kenya campaign, we learned from our director in Kenya that a severe drought has resulted in a complete loss of the crops at Rapha Community Center (see featured photo). If we do not replant soon, we will lose 5 months of maize, and our food budget will increase by $4,500 for this year. Thankfully, by the end of the month, the new solar well pump will be fully operational. We plan to install an irrigation system to eliminate our dependence on the rainy season, but until then we will need to spend approximately $900 per month on maize. Each bag of maize costs $45. We consume 20 bags of maize every month. Every dollar raised through the Countdown 2 Kenya campaign will go towards food assistance for the children at Rapha Community Center.

The situation is urgent. Please give as generously as you are able. Donations can be made online at: or by mail. Please make checks payable to HEAL with C2K in the memo line to: HEAL Raising Our World, PO Box 452, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866