Our Executive Director, Jennifer Musick Wright, founded HEAL after two impactful volunteer experiences at orphanages in Zimbabwe and Kenya. After witnessing the issues facing orphans and vulnerable children, she set out on a journey that lead to the creation of HEAL and a community in rural Kenya where children are taught that change is possible. Regardless of their background or any difficulty they have faced in their young lives, every child in our community is empowered to believe that positive change is possible.


HEAL is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to raising our world, one child at a time. We recognize that poverty and disease have forced innocent children to live in unbearable conditions. HEAL seeks to design and implement progressive models for orphanages that encompass HEAL: Health, Education, Ample Nutrition and Love.


We believe every child should have access to proper healthcare.


We believe every child should have access to quality education.


We believe every child should have access to a nutritious diet.


We believe every child should be loved and nurtured.

I truly believe that everyone can create positive change in our world,  including the most vulnerable children among us.

Jennifer Musick Wright • Executive Director



Jennifer graduated from Wagner College in 2009 with a BA in International Affairs and French Studies. She took her first trip to Africa during her senior year in high school, and since then has returned to the continent many times. In 2007, she founded HEAL after her first trip to Kenya. It was during this experience that she witnessed the need of orphans and vulnerable children at a state run orphanage. She says, “I was shocked by the appalling conditions I witnessed. It broke my heart to see the children suffering. By the end of my trip, I knew I was meant to help. I knew I was meant to build a home where children in need could grow up in a nurturing and loving environment with access to healthcare, quality education and every opportunity they would need to succeed in life.”

Eight months later HEAL Raising Our World Foundation, Inc. was founded. The journey has not always been easy, but she is encouraged by the positive changes she sees in the lives of so many children. She looks forward to developing HEAL into an organization capable of helping even more people in need in the future.

Follow Jennifer’s journey: jenniferwithheal.com


Tabitha Wambui was born in Kenya. She was one of four children in her family. She grew up in poverty but God intervened when two women in her village offered to pay for her education. She is truly grateful to them for investing in her life. Her life experiences help her to identify with many of the children at Rapha Community Center who have experienced similar challenges. After she finished her schooling, she committed her life to helping children, first as a teacher, and then in 2003 through a ministry which cared for orphaned and vulnerable children. Tabitha has been the director of Rapha Community Center since its founding in 2013. She has been a central part of the success of Rapha Secondary School. She has experienced many challenges including a separation from her husband, but through it all, she has remained faithful to the call God placed in her heart to help children in her country. Tabitha has two of her own children, Timothy and Ellice. She loves flowers and loves to read books.

In her words, “Rapha is from the bible—Jehovah Rapha. It means Jehova heals. Indeed He has healed my life. It was so tough for me handling a new school with all the demands amidst all that was going on, but today we are celebrating our pioneer class. I thank the Lord God almighty for this far I have come. I remember God gave me his word in Isaiah 41, 8-13. I will share more in the book I am writing. I love encouraging people who are going through pain in life. Shalom.”



Kathy Willis was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Middlebury College in 1972 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music and, while there, fell in love with Vermont where she has lived most of her adult life. She started a long teaching career in early childhood education at the Brandon Training School, long since closed, an institution for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults. From there she went on to direct and teach in a private nursery school, then worked in several capacities in an elementary school, and finished out her 44 year career as a teacher at Manchester Elementary School in Manchester, Vermont, spending all but one year in either Kindergarten or second grade. She now lives in Rutland, Vermont, where she enjoys singing, performing, lakeside recreation and the incredible beauty Vermont has to offer.

Kathy has known Jennifer since Jenn was in high school. Her love affair with Africa began when she and Jenn accompanied friends visiting an orphanage in Zimbabwe in 2004. The following summer, she returned to Africa on a singing tour in Ghana. In 2016 she joined Jenn and a team of volunteers to work at Rapha and has supported Jenn’s mission at HEAL ever since. She is delighted to be a board member and to be a small part the incredible work being done for the orphans and neglected children in Kenya.


Hilary Wentworth is from Telluride, Colorado and has traveled to over 60 countries. She currently serves as board member and treasurer for HEAL and lives in New York City. She has degrees from University of California at Santa Barbara, London School of Economics and HEC Paris. Hilary is passionate about education and helping the kids at HEAL fulfill their potential.


Pete began his career as a Professor of Geography at the State University of New York – Oneonta, where his research focused on using innovative mapping techniques to identify health disparities among underserved populations in the US Northeast. He then joined the Connecticut Hospital Association in 2010 as the Director of Data Analysis, where he led the development of innovative software products focused on hospital and physician performance, quality and patient safety, and community health. In 2016, Pete came to Signify Health (then Remedy Partners) to help the organization grow its data and analytics capabilities. He currently serves as the Vice President of Product for Signify.

Outside of work, Pete enjoys spending time with his wife Chelsey, son Ollie, and dogs Ralphy and Bo. He also likes exercising, NBA basketball, house projects, and going for walks.


Andrew has been involved with HEAL since its inception. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas, Brown University, the London School of Economics, and Tulane Law School. Andrew loves travel, scuba diving, and literature and has committed to a number of causes through pro bono work.


As an organization, we are committed to full transparency and financial accountability. Our primary goal is to further the mission of HEAL by using our resources responsibly.