When a person travels to a new place, meets new people, learns about a new culture and gives back through service to others, an incredible transformation can take place for everyone involved. The volunteer experience at Rapha Community Center enables individuals to witness the work we do firsthand. We offer short-term and long-term opportunities. Volunteers will be assigned duties based on their occupation, area of study and abilities. This is a life-changing experience that we encourage you to explore. The time spent between volunteers and the children and staff provide incredible learning opportunities that ultimately connect us as global citizens. Learn more about upcoming volunteer experiences below.


There are many ways to help the children at Rapha Community Center. Beyond sponsoring a child and contributing financially, many individuals have raised money through special events and fundraisers. Volunteers have collected shoes through Funds2Orgs, held benefit parties, garage sales, craft fairs, concerts, fun runs and organized campaigns to raise money through challenges and alternative birthday parties online. This is a great way to share the work we’re doing with others while raising money at the same time. Every little bit will benefit our children in Kenya. We’ve compiled a toolkit to help you get started. Once you have your idea, contact us so we can help you organize and spread the word.