At this time the boys at Rapha Community Center are living in an unsafe building. The floor is crumbling. The roof is leaking. There is not enough space for all the boys who need help in our community. The situation is extremely urgent. The local authorities have threatened to shut down our entire institution if we do not begin construction on the new facility as soon as possible. We need your help. The total amount we must raise is $100,000. As of July 15, 2019 we have raised $50,000 offline. Please donate today so we can reach our goal of the remaining $50,000. Thank you!

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Elias was found abandoned in the streets when he was about three years old. He didn’t know his name or age. He could barely speak. The local authorities couldn’t find a children’s home that would take him in, so he stayed in a jail cell for a period of time. He desperately needed help. Even though he was younger than the children we care for normally, we knew he needed to be part of our family. The other children took him in as if he was always meant to be with us. He quickly transformed from a scared, traumatized child to the adorable little brother who continues to keep our community laughing to this day.

Alex joined us as a student at Rapha Secondary School. His father abandoned his family, leaving his mother to care for Alex and his siblings by herself. She was unable to earn enough money to pay for school fees so Alex had to miss school frequently. When Alex joined Rapha, we included him in our sponsorship program so he could continue his education without the stress of being sent home because of missed school fees. This past November Alex achieved high marks on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam. He will start University in the Fall because of the opportunity he received to continue his education.

The work we are doing in Kenya is making a difference to Elias, Alex and all the children at Rapha Community Center, but what if I told you that our boys may lose their home once again? What if I told you that the current boys’ dormitory is literally falling apart? What if I told you that the floor was crumbling under Elias’ feet and the roof was leaking over Alex’s head? What if I told you that we are at risk of losing our children’s home registration if we do not provide a new home for our boys?

At this time our community is facing an urgent situation. We must construct a new boys’ dormitory as soon as possible or all of the good work we are doing will be at risk. If we do not make improvements as soon as possible, if we lose our children’s home registration, all of our children, boys as well as girls, could lose their home. My children have already faced so many challenges in their young lives. They deserve to live in a safe and stable home where they can continue to grow and learn as children all over this world have the right to do.

I need your help to provide my boys with a new home. My heart breaks every time I see how they are living. In addition to the uninhabitable conditions, there is not enough room for the boys we have, let alone the boys from the surrounding community who desperately need a home free from disease, poverty, danger and overwhelming challenges. On a weekly basis, we get calls from local officials asking us to take in a boy who needs a home – orphans, abused children, young and old. There are so many children in the area who need help. If we had more space, we could help them.

Our goal is to raise $100,000. We have raised $50,000 so far. Your assistance at this point is crucial. Please give as much as you are able to help us reach our goal. Every child deserves to live in a good home, including the children at Rapha Community Center.

With gratitude,
Jennifer Musick Wright