I first met Sylvia last year, shortly after she had joined our community. Back then she was not the free-spirited girl you see in the pictures above. She barely spoke and didn’t interact with many of the other children. She had been neglected by her mother and abused in unspeakable ways by other family members.

I didn’t need to know her story to see that she had been traumatized. I could see it in her eyes. At the time, I was grateful she had found safety within our community. I was hopeful she would receive the care and support she needed to heal.

A year later, I couldn’t believe I was meeting the same girl. She was so happy. Every day she would say hello to me and then start giggling. I loved to see her playing with the other children. Her joy was palpable. It was clear that spending a year within our community had been what she needed to move forward.

One of the major improvements we have made in the past year includes the addition of a counselor to our staff. We were able to take this step due to the contributions we receive from our donors. She has been a vital source of support for Sylvia.

We are committed to providing holistic care to our children and your donations throughout the year make that possible. If you can contribute today, please do so. Your assistance will ensure that we can continue to help Sylvia and all our children heal. And if you’re interested, Sylvia needs someone to sponsor her primary schooling. You can learn more here.

Your support matters. It matters to Sylvia and to all the children at Rapha Community Center. Thank you for your continued dedication to this work.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder