The water pump has been fixed! The children at Rapha Community Center have access to clean water again. Thank you to everyone who donated towards the pump replacement. Enough money was raised to cover the cost, which means we didn’t need to use funds that were earmarked for other projects.

Now that we are through that challenge, I can take a breath and reflect on the rest of my trip. It was a very productive visit, and I’m grateful for all that was accomplished. From strategic planning sessions with management to overseeing projects like the exterior painting of buildings, to the installation of internet in our classrooms, every day was marked with progress.

My favorite moments were spent with the children. I always love to see how everyone grows and changes from year to year, and I look forward to meeting any new children who have joined our community.

Getting to know Jane, Fedinard, and Peter (pictured to the right), whom we welcomed into our family earlier this year, was such a joy. They are siblings who were abused and neglected by their parents. They were left alone for days, sometimes weeks, until one time their parents never returned. A neighbor realized they were alone, trying to fend for themselves. She reported the case to the children’s office and they were rescued.

I saw with my own eyes how happy these children are to have a safe place to sleep, food to eat and the chance to go to school. They have new brothers and sisters to play with and a community of people who will always lift them up with love and support.

They are why our community is so important. They are the reason we continue on in the face of challenges and uncertainties. They are why your donations matter so much. Thank you for opening your hearts to them through your support and love.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder