Kelvin is the reason I do what I do. He is why I founded HEAL over 14 years ago. Kelvin has been part of our family at Rapha Community Center since 2012. His parents separated, then abandoned Kelvin and his sister Mary. They were forced to survive on their own until a community member reported their case to the local children’s office. They were rescued and brought to Rapha until their parents or other family members could be found. They were supposed to stay only for a few months, but it became quite clear there was no one willing to care for the two young children.

When he first arrived, he was so small for his age. His hair had turned orange, indicating severe malnourishment. He was shy and reserved, clearly fearful and traumatized from his experience. It took months, but slowly he began to heal. Nine years later, Kelvin is thriving in our community. In March, he completed his 8th grade year in school and sat for the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exam. I’m thrilled to report that he finished 3rd out of all the students in his class! I’m so proud of his accomplishments and look forward to seeing how he will embrace his secondary education when he begins Form 1 in July.

Where would Kelvin be if he hadn’t been rescued and brought to Rapha Community Center nine years ago? I’m grateful we’ll never know the answer to that question. Thanks to our donors, volunteers and supporters, Kelvin has the opportunity to live and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. His story is the reason why the work we do at Rapha Community Center is so vital to every child in our care. His story is the reason why it is so important to donate to HEAL so we can continue to give children like Kelvin a brighter future.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder


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