I’d planned to share an update outlining all we have accomplished since I’ve been in Kenya, but instead, I need to share an unexpected challenge.

Over the weekend our water pump stopped working.  I’d hoped it would be a simple fix, but yesterday the pump, which sits at about 180 meters below ground, had to be pulled up. The company who installed it has informed us that the entire pump needs to be replaced.

I’ve consulted with multiple people who specialize in this work. It is typical for the type of solar pump we use to need replacement after 5-8 years. I’m grateful it lasted 7 years. The total cost of replacing the pump is $3,500.

In addition, we have reached the point where our water reserves are used up and we need to have tanks of water brought to our community from a nearby borehole. The daily cost of this is about $50. Thankfully, we have the money in the bank to take care of this situation, but we are using money earmarked for other projects and monthly operations at Rapha. I wanted to share this urgent need with you to see if we can raise the support to overcome this challenge together.

Yesterday, I went with some of the students to fetch water from a nearby well.  It was quite a sight to see 50+ children carrying buckets of water to and from school. As I was watching the line of buckets be filled, some of the students asked me why I looked so stressed. I like to think I have learned to manage my stress better after 17 years of doing this work, but this situation is very difficult. Sometimes, the weight of this mission seems too much to bear.

If there was ever a time to donate to support the children in this community, it is now. I’ve created a special campaign page to raise funds for this urgent need. Your donation will make a huge difference and ensure that we can restore the precious resource of clean water to this community.

I know I am not alone in this work. It makes me feel so much better to have people around the world who believe in our mission. Your support means so much to me and everyone in this community. We’ve got this!

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder