I remember when I first met Pauline. She had just joined our community a few months prior to my annual visit to Kenya in 2014. She had a smile on her face, but I could still see the pain in her eyes. At ten years old, she had already experienced the death of both her parents. She went to live with her grandmother, but she wouldn’t find the safety and support she needed. Shortly after, she was sexually assaulted by a neighbor. The crime was reported to the authorities and Pauline was rescued by the local children’s office and brought to Rapha Community Center.

It has taken time for Pauline to heal, but each year when I visit Rapha, I’ve seen joy and happiness replace the pain in Pauline’s eyes. I’ve seen her grow into a healthy young woman who is now in her second year of high school. Pauline is the reason I do what I do. She is the reason I will never give up. Her story gives me hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future for all of the children in our care.

Pauline is the reason I continue to ask for your support. Without the generosity of our donors throughout the years, we wouldn’t have been able to give Pauline a home where she could be safe, where she could heal and move forward with her life. Your support matters. Your support gives every child at Rapha Community Center hope. There is still time to donate before 2020 ends. Help us start the new year strong so we can continue to give children like Pauline the home and education they deserve.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder

pauline orphan in kenya

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