Meet the New Children at Rapha Community Center
(from left to right)

Samuel comes from a very vulnerable family. Both of his parents are HIV+ and struggle to work consistently. The family is dependent on help from neighbors and well-wishers, but it is never enough to care for Samuel and his siblings. Samuel is so grateful to be part of our family at Rapha Community Center.

Peinan is an orphan. After both her parents passed away, a neighbor took her in, but then abruptly left one day. Peinan was left alone to care for herself until someone from the community alerted the children’s office. She was rescued and brought to Rapha so she would have a safe home and a family who will always be there to support her.

Carol was abandoned by her parents when she was in nursery school. She was living with a family from her community but they suddenly forced her to move out. Without anywhere else to go, she went to live on the streets until she was recused by the local children’s office and brought to Rapha. We are so glad that Carol has found a home with us and an opportunity to continue her schooling.

Joshua’s parents separated when he was in Form 1. His father left the family and his mother didn’t have enough money to pay school fees. He dropped out and found a job working in a pub. The money he earned went to support his family. When he heard of Rapha, he asked for assistance from us so he could finish his secondary school education. We applaud his perseverance and determination to create a better future for himself.

Samuel and Peinan already have sponsors, but we are still looking for sponsors to support Carol and Joshua. We also have a number of other children who need support. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us or visit our sponsorship page today.