Mr. Paul Waweru joined our teaching staff at the beginning of 2020. In addition to his role as deputy principal, he teaches Kiswahili to every grade level. He received a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Presbyterian University of East Africa and a BA in Education from Egerton University. He is trained in computer science and experienced in digital learning opportunities in the classroom.

Why Rapha?
Before his position at Rapha, he was teaching at a public school near where he grew up, about 2 hours from our community. He decided to search for a new position because he wished to experience a new area. He chose Rapha so he could provide quality learning opportunities to students with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why Teaching?
He loves to teach! Ultimately, he wishes to better children’s lives through education. He believes that if you can earn a child’s trust and change their attitude towards education, then you can provide them hope for a better tomorrow. He has so much hope for all of the children of Kenya!

Why Digital Learning?
Mr. Waweru has extensive experience with technology. He thinks that the advancement of digital learning will take Rapha Secondary School to the next level which will enable our students to compete with other students globally.

In addition to his work at Rapha, Mr. Waweru teaches a virtual Kiswahili class to students from South Africa and is an active journalist, writing for many of the daily papers in Kenya. He is currently working with students to start a school magazine!

We’re so excited to have Mr. Waweru be part of our community. We look forward to seeing how our school will grow with addition of his leadership. Stay tuned for more updates on the growth of technology at Rapha Secondary School!