It’s happening! On June 28th, a team of 9 people will join our Executive Director, Jennifer, in Kenya for the first volunteer experience at Rapha Community Center since the pandemic started in 2020.

We can’t wait for our children to meet new friends and for our volunteer team to witness the vital work we’re doing for orphans and vulnerable children. While in Kenya, the team plans to focus on completeing a number of projects that will benefit everyone in our community.

Project 1: Expanding the Cow Shed

How will this help? We need more space to accommodate our growing cow herd. If we’re able to expand, then we can continue to purchase more cows which help us increase the income we earn from milk sales.

Project 2: Greenhouse Repair and Planting

How will this help? Almost 10 years of use and weather have left the plastic on our greenhouse in need of serious repairs. We have been unable to utilize it in its current condition. If we’re able to fix it, then we can replant and start growing produce that can be sold to earn income for our community.

Project 3: Sewing School Uniforms

How will this help? The team will be purchasing and sewing fabric that will make 2 sets of new uniforms for all our children and every student in our school. Our students wash their uniforms everyday and sometimes they don’t dry in time for the next day of school. Having a spare one will ensure our children are prepared for their school day so they can focus on their studies.

In addition, the team will be painting the new boys’ dormitory, planting trees and flowers around the compound, tutoring and of course, playing with the children!

Your donation will go towards all of the above projects and if we reach our goal, we’ll also be able to purchase a new cow, laptops for our school and musical instruments for our new music class at Rapha!

Special Note: Donations will not be used for travel expenses. 100% will go towards the projects detailed above.

Prefer to donate by check? Mail checks made payable to HEAL with C2K in the memo line to: HEALPO Box 452Saratoga Springs, NY 12866