The new school year is underway at Rapha Secondary School. We are excited to welcome a new class of Form 1 students who are ready to embrace all of the opportunities we provide to grow and learn. Our entire community is excited to be part of their journey over the next four years. 

As we welcome a new class of students, we also celebrate the accomplishments of our exiting Form 4 class. In November, they sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination. It’s a rigorous process that determines a lot about their future. We are so thrilled to announce that we have 8 more students heading to University and College in the fall! Our school’s average improved and we increased our ranking compared to other public and private schools in the district. We performed better than schools that have been open for many years. Since this is only the third time since we’ve had students sit for this exam, we are excited to see the progress. 

This year we will continue to improve the quality of our education by exposing our students to new technology and educational resources, offering professional development opportunities to our staff and improving the infrastructure of our school. The success we see in our students demonstrates why the work we are doing is so important and vital to our community. The support we receive from our donors enables us to continue improving the lives of every student who steps through the gates of Rapha Secondary School.