The Reminder I Needed

Sometimes this work is simply daunting. There are days when the challenges seem too immense to overcome. There are times when I desperately need a reminder of why it’s so important to continue.

Last week that reminder came in the form of a message from the director of Rapha Community Center, Tabitha Wambui. She shared the good news from the first week of school.

I looked through images she sent and saw the new Form 1 class including 28 students, 14 boys and 14 girls, all ready to begin their secondary school education. As I looked at their faces, I felt so excited to see where the next four years would take them. I do what I do so they will have a place to grow, learn and thrive as students.

Then I saw a picture of Tabitha with our newest boy. Maxwell is an orphan who has been living with his grandparents since his mother passed away. He is the younger brother of Rispa, one of our girls. I couldn’t stop the tears from coming to my eyes. I do what I do, so a brother and sister can be reunited, so a young child can be safe and loved.

new boy at rapha community center

We’re changing lives for the better and I say “we” because it is not just me. It is every person who works at Rapha, every volunteer who dedicates valuable time to support this work and every donor who contributes greatly needed resources to support our children.

I hope this news brings a little light and joy to your day. I hope it reminds you, as it did me, why supporting our children continues to be so vital. If you are in a position to give right now, then I ask you to do so generously. Give in celebration of our new Form 1 students and in celebration of Maxwell and all of the children at Rapha Community Center.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder

Prefer to donate by mail? Send checks made payable to HEAL to:
PO Box 452, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Thank you!