There Have Been So Many Beautiful Moments

The last time I saw these girls they were in primary school. More than two years later, I arrived to find them in their second year of high school. I didn’t expect time to stand still while I was away, but it still has been unbelievable to see how everyone has changed.

Currently there are 111 children living within our community. I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed meeting all of the new students. Trying to remember all their names has been almost impossible. More than a week has passed since my arrival though, and I’ve easily slipped into the rhythm of daily life here.

Everyday I experience moments which serve as beautiful reminders of how this community is facilitating positive change for so many children. My favorite moment so far was when we handed out donated clothes to the children in our home program. If you missed it on Instagram, take a look here. It was a joyful afternoon!

As excited as they are to see me, they are looking forward to the arrival of our volunteers even more. It’s going to be a very special experience for everyone involved and I can’t wait to share more with you when the team is here. Please take a moment to contribute to the Countdown to Kenya campaign below. The volunteers want to accomplish as much as possible while they’re visiting Rapha. Your donation will support their efforts. Thank you for opening your hearts to our children in Kenya. Everyone here is very grateful!

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder

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Thank you!