One night, Steven and Regina fell peacefully asleep in their beds. When they woke the next morning their world was completely different. Their house was empty; their mother was gone. Day turned to night, but she still did not return home. Regina did her best to take care of her younger brother. They survived by eating the little food that was left, but days passed and their mother never came back. When a concerned neighbor found them, the food was gone. Steven and Regina were starving. They were terrified, confused and desperately sad.

I met Steven and Regina on my recent trip to Kenya. They had been living at Rapha for only one month, but even this short time within our community had given them the chance to heal. The minute I saw their sweet smiles, my heart was completely captured by their joy. I could tell how happy they were to be surrounded by new brothers and sisters, to have a safe place to sleep and food in their little bellies.

Steven and Regina are a reminder of how important our community is to every child in our care. The vulnerable children who come to us have experienced so much darkness in their young lives, but Rapha Community Center is a beacon of light for them all. It is a place where the past does not dictate the future, but instead it shines a light on a better tomorrow.

When you donate to HEAL, you help that light shine brighter for every child in our community. Your donation this year will ensure that the children at Rapha Community Center receive the support they need to thrive. Your contribution will ensure that Steven, Regina and all our children will always have a loving home, a safe place to sleep, more than enough food to eat and an education to expand their futures. Please give as generously as you are able and together we will shine brighter for years to come.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Founder & Executive Director

We Shine Brighter Together
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