The Ziehm’s trip to Kenya was a success. Read more about their accomplishments here. Thank you to all who donated to support their efforts at Rapha Community Center.

Jamie, Eric, Cole and Case Ziehm will be traveling to Africa on February 17 to volunteer at Rapha Community Center, a children’s home and high school in rural Kenya. HEAL and Rapha was started by Jamie’s sister Jennifer in 2007. This will be the first time the Ziehm family will see it all in person.

They are traveling with a purpose and plan to leave a lasting impact through the introduction of regenerative agriculture. The money raised through this campaign will support three main environmental conscious projects, as well as contribute to the many needs of the 136 orphans and vulnerable children who call this community home.

Project 1: Regenerative Agriculture

Eric and Jamie Ziehm own an organic dairy and a horse farm in Hoosick Falls, NY. They have implemented regenerative agricultural and sustainable farming practices in both their operations. They will share valuable expertise during their time in Kenya.

Money raised will be used to purchase fencing supplies, seeds, cows, chickens, goats and sheep. In addition to teaching our community about this innovative agriculture practice, Eric and Jamie will be leading an informational session with farmers in our village.

Project 2: Solar Installation

Not only are power outages a common occurrence in Kenya, but the financial cost of electricity is a burden to this community. Money raised through this fundraiser will be put towards the purchase of solar lights, panels and water heaters to reduce the dependency on electricity at Rapha Community Center. Increased use of solar power will ensure that the children will always have light, especially in the crucial evening hours when they study for school.

Project 3: Compost Project

Money raised through this fundraiser will also buy supplies to start a compost project at Rapha. The goal will be to create organic fertilizer that will help to nourish the soil at Rapha. If it is successful, this project will also help to generate income for the community through the sale of organic fertilizer to the farmers in the village.

Any additional money raised will be used to support the daily needs of the children.

Special Note: Donations will not be used for travel expenses. 100% will benefit the children at Rapha Community Center in Kenya.

Ziehm Family's Journey to Kenya
Prefer to donate by check? Mail checks made payable to HEAL with “Ziehm Trip” in the memo line to: HEALPO Box 4085Philadelphia, PA 19118