It feels good to reach a goal! Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we filled over 200 plates of food and activated a $5,000 matching donation. The money raised has already made a huge impact to our community. Making a donation is one of the most immediate ways to help, but today I want to share another way in which you can support our children.
We have been offering child sponsorship opportunities since 2013. Since then we have never had all of our children fully sponsored. We’ve come close, but right now we are the closest we’ve ever been! As of today, only 11 children need sponsors. 
The contributions from our sponsors provide vital support on a monthly basis. As a sponsor you also have the opportunity to connect through letter writing. It means so much to our children to know someone in the world cares about them. They keep every letter and photo that is sent, and they look forward to writing in return.
I would love to end this year with every child at Rapha Community Center fully sponsored. Will you help me? Meet all the children who need sponsors here. If you are a sponsor already, might you consider asking a friend if they would sponsor too?
I know there are many challenges facing our global community. There are so many important causes that you could give to and it means so much to me that you continue to open your hearts to the work we’re doing at Rapha Community Center. I hope the smiles of our children shine a light on your day. Thank you for your support!

With gratitude,

Jennifer Musick Wright
Executive Director & Founder