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The Drought is Real

We've tried to plant maize three times at Rapha Community Center in the past year. Each time it seemed like the rains were on the way, we'd plant, but the rains never came. All of our attempts ended in failure. This is the same experience so many farmers are experiencing across Kenya. The

Only 11…

It feels good to reach a goal! Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we filled over 200 plates of food and activated a $5,000 matching donation. The money raised has already made a huge impact to our community. Making a donation is one of the most immediate ways to help,

Let’s Fill Their Plates

It’s powerful to witness the positive change our children experience after they join Rapha Community Center. There are many reasons for this transformation, but the main one is their change in diet. They go from a constant state of hunger to full and satisfied. This shift results in a remarkable difference in

We are Feeding 134 Children

We're Feeding 134 Children Our children know what it's like to be hungry. They know what it feels like to go to bed without food, unsure when their next meal will come. Hunger was a constant part of their lives before they came to Rapha. Now our children eat well. They

I Witnessed So Much Joy

I Witnessed So Much Joy and Happiness On Sunday I gave gift bags to the children in our community. They haven't received many gifts in their lives. Most of their belongings fit inside a small metal trunk. When I've handed out items before, it's usually things like soccer balls and coloring

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